Our values

Light up the team with passion

The team is our most important value, and the passion is the first and foremost ingredient of our desserts. It is the team work and our passionate devotion that will help us achieve our goals and satisfy our customers.

Invest in innovation

We primarily work to satisfy our consumers. Therefore we try to fulfill their wishes and surprise them with new flavors. No doubt that innovation and constant search for new technologies are our daily aims and objectives. Hence, we invest in the brand-new equipment, production organization, and product promotion.

Do it for yourself

We strive to do everything in a way we could be proud of: whether developing new products and producing desserts every day, or building relationships with partners and customers.

Producing our desserts, we ask ourselves: would I like such a product for my relatives or myself? Only a positive answer will move us further.

Decide and answer by yourself

Working with our personnel, we focus on learning, development, independent decision-making, and responsibility.

Give out happiness

One of our destinations is to increase the index of people’s happiness. Life is bright and beautiful, and the BKK desserts make it also incredibly delicious.