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BKK pastries are produced especially for genuine gourmets.

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“Kyiv BKK” expands their product range and introduces BKK lavashes as a new category.
The assortment of lavashes includes such popular kinds as Armenian, Persidiary, and Caucasian.

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They say sweets carry magic inside: indeed, they can transform our mood, carry us to the lands of joy, and create pure happiness inside. With your smiles in mind, hundreds of BKK cake bakers create real confectionery masterpieces every day!

Today BKK produces more than 20 tons of confectionaries per day. It means our product is enjoyed by about 165, 000 citizens of Kyiv and other Ukrainian regions every day. Imagine that: putting in a row our monthly produce of eclairs and custard cakes could pave the road from Kyiv to Cherkasy. Oh and guess what: our cakes could cover a surface as large as four football fields!

BKK assortment nowadays offers over 90 items of cakes and pastries, including such well-known cake brands as “Hryliazhnyi Hlazurovanyi”, “Prague with Cherry”, “Khreshchatyi Yar”, “Kyivski Kashtany”, and pastry brands “Zavarni z kremom”, “Biskvitno-kremovi” (Sponge-cream cakes) and “Trufelni”.

Today’s BKK is also 600 professionals, in love with their work and proud of what they do.

BKK desserts are sold in all national retail chains of Ukraine such as ATB, Auchan, Billa, Brusnichka, Varus, Velyka Kyshenia, Metro, Novus, Pakko, Vopak, Silpo, Tavriia, Fora, Furshet, EKO-market, and Fozzy. We also co-operate with various distributors, wholesale and retail customers throughout Ukraine. Besides, BKK products are exported to Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

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