Cake Everything will be Ukraine!

Help the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Three layers of biscuits cake soaked in aromatic orange syrup, layered with chocolate souffle. The cake is decorated with an edible photographic pattern and a souffle.

Since the first days of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the company "Kyiv BKK" has been supporting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, military personnel, IDPs and war-affected regions.

To the Independence Day of Ukraine, we are launching a new unique cake "Everything will be Ukraine!", the entire profit from the sale of which will go towards the purchase of quadcopters, which are so necessary for our military.

Packaging: cardboard box

Net weight: 450g, 850g

Expairation date: 6 days

Features of the “Everything will be Ukraine” cake

  • Exclusive on the Ukrainian market
  • Decorated with an edible photo image printed with edible inks on thin rice flour paper
  • Яркая, экологичная картонная упаковка в патриотических цветах
  • The purchase of each cake brings Ukraine closer to victory, because all profits from cake sales will go towards the purchase of quadcopters for the Armed Forces!