Eclairs with plombir flavor in individual packaging


From now on, the most popular pastries of "BKK" - "Eclairs with plombir flavor" - also in bright individual packaging.

Buy them with your daily morning coffee, for dessert after lunch or dinner, take them when you want to snack on something sweet.

Packaging: cardboard box with individuals wrappers

Net weight: 400g (10 pcs of 40g)

Expiration date: 10 days

Features of plombir flavored eclairs in individual packaging:

  • It has no analogues on the market
  • Thanks to the individual packaging in metallized film, the cakes have a long shelf life – 10 days
  • Well-known quality and excellent taste, confirmed by the multiple status of “Pastries of the Year”
  • Individual packaging is colorful and convenient
  • The design of the packaging of pastries in the corporate style ensures recognition
  • The box showbox organizes space on the shelf and highlights pastries


BKK – happiness in every piece!