Pastries biscuit-cream and glazed in individual packaging


Pastries are made of specially baked biscuit with cocoa powder, condensed milk, butter and brandy, the surface is covered with confectionery glaze.

They will be a great addition to your daily morning coffee or for dessert after lunch and dinner. Take them with you when you want to snack on something sweet!

Packaging: cardboard box with individual wrappers

Net weight: 500d (10 pcs of 50g)

Expiration date: 12 days

Specialty of biscuit-cream and glazed pastries in individual packaging:

  • It has no analogues on the market
  • Thanks to the individual metallized packaging, the cakes have a long shelf life – 12 days
  • Pastries are made from specially baked sponge biscuit
  • Well-known quality and excellent taste, confirmed by the multiple status of “The pastries of the Year”


Don’t wait for holidays and company meetings – enjoy your favorite BKK pastries in individual flowpack packaging every day and anywhere!

BKK – happiness in every piece!