The Hero cakes

The Hero cake from BKK in collaboration with Charity Hub


We are starting to support a great initiative aimed at thanking and glorifying the Heroes of Ukraine. They are our protectors, they are tougher than any legendary superheroes from movies and books. After all, they are real, they are among us.


We present the first cakes from the hero line with the famous Ghost of Kyiv (The Ghost of Kyiv). This image is a collective image of the pilots of the 40th tactical aviation brigade of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the real Defenders of the Sky, who from the first days of the Russian full-scale invasion defended the sky above the capital, stopping the offensive actions of the enemy. He is described as a MiG-29 pilot who, in the first 30 hours of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, scored 6 aerial victories in the skies over Kyiv: downing 2 Su-35s, 2 Su-25s, 1 each Su-27 and MiG-29. Now the “Ghost of Kyiv” represents the exploits of pilots who died protecting the sky, and those who today continue to defend it over the whole of Ukraine.



Agency charity-consulting and social entrepreneurship a Charity Hub, created an initiative – the world of new “Extraordinary” Heroes and popularizes Ukrainian heroes. This social project is designed to develop the patriotic upbringing of children and youth of Ukraine in an easy and interesting way, to reveal and reinforce the importance of history, which we all write together – every day and every night.


We, the BKK, in our turn, have released more than one patriotic product, because this is what is right now. And here our values coincide. In addition to joining the World of Heroes by applying their images to our special products, we deduct most of the profit from the entire line of Hero cakes for a number of programs to support children and families of Heroes (servicemen of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, employees of the State Emergency Service and other armed forces , volunteers). On this page, every quarter we will post a description of the aid programs and report on their implementation.


Buy Ukrainian, give Ukrainian, support Ukrainian heroes – today and tomorrow. Let’s learn to win together!